Sunday, 3 April 2011

Where are we going?

Not quite sure how we decided to tackle this route. Started with a look at the Eurovelo site and the maze of long distance cycle paths covering Europe and I think Mary was attracted to the idea of following the sun. We mentioned it to a few of our friends and the general reaction was a very polite "daft idea" and "not at your age surely". I guess that settled it!
The route looked straightforward at first with a detailed description on the Eurovelo site but I should have learnt by now to always read the small print. Scandinavian countries appeared well organised with all the route signposted but down at the other end, Italy was still thinking about it!
Next, a check on the web to find others who had completed the route. Lengthy search found 3 blogs and a google map. Many thanks to the authors of those sites for their efforts and inspiration. Unfortunately, they all followed completely different routes to the point of travelling on opposite sides of the country in Sweden and Italy. The official Eurovelo map arrived - chocolate teapot.  With just six weeks to go, we're still trawling over maps and the internet. We'll have to make a decision soon!

For those planning a similar journey,I've listed below, the sites that I found most useful in checking out the route. Please contact if you would like a list of the many other sites that we have found helpful.


  1. That's a ridiculously long way...........

  2. Yay!! Your first comment - and so profound too!!

  3. And I've put you on my Facebook page - to show all my friends how mental you are

  4. Hi Mary and Alan,
    Alas, I have succeeded in posting a comment. I have been trying to do so for quite a while now but it was only now that Matthias has told me to change the adjustments of “No Scrip”, a programme that hinders unwanted scripts.

    Congratulations to your decision to accept such a big challenge and I am sure you will make it if nothing serious happens.
    We know what it is like to be at the North Cape, because when we’ve been there it was about the same temperature and the wind blowing like mad so that we put the car behind the tent – just in case it would be blown away.
    But temperatures will become better, at least once you have reached Malta …
    All the best for now. By the way, we will be off to the South of France in a fortnight and think of the nice time we have had there last summer.
    Gerhard from Germany