Thursday, 1 September 2011

The End (Part II)

Alan’s Boring Bits
It’s been a memorable journey. While travelling across a range of landscapes from the frozen tundra above the arctic circle, through Scandinavia and central Europe, over the Alps and down to the arid mountains of the South, we have been provided with a fascinating insight into the cultural differences that still exist across Europe despite “globalisation". In world where only negatives make the news, the one constant has been the many wonderful people that we have met along the way who have been friendly, supportive and generous. We have never felt threatened and whenever we have needed assistance people have gone to extraordinary lengths to help. The hundreds of cyclists, bikers, motorists and lorry drivers who tooted, flashed their lights, waved or yelled words of encouragement, provided constant motivation to grind out the miles while on the road.  The 5000 plus hits on the blog and a constant stream of emails and texts lifted our spirits. To all who have been so supportive and to those who have donated so generously to “Medecins sans Frontieres” (just click the “Virgin Money Giving” icon on the blog)  – many, many thanks.
A very special thanks I reserve for Mary who, at the end of each (often very tiring) day, sat down, made notes and completed this blog. I am very lucky to share my life with such an incredibly talented and determined lady.


  1. You two are brilliant. What an amazing achievement. Enjoy the hotel and the well earned rest which you certainly deserve. Pleased you lost your cool at the hotel Al, I was beginning to think you were getting soft. Will miss reading your blog now that you've finished.
    Lots of love,
    Jan & Colin x x

  2. Huge congratulations to you both - what an incredible achievement - its been great keeping up with your blog and hearing about your adventures.... what are we going to do now over breakfast?!! you have kept us entertained over our cereal for the last few months and given us some inspiration for our retirement years! We hope we have as much energy and desire for adventure as you both, when we reach our Golden Cycling Years!
    Looking forward to seeing you both very soon,

    lots of love from Lizzie Greig and the ever-growing Bean Bump x x x

  3. Well done both!
    Luv How

  4. Well done to you both, Dawn and I are saving the blog to read fully on our next trip. XXXXXX

  5. Great Journey just checking in to see your both Ok and completed your journey, we met you in Prague (the couple with the mad 7 year old) happy journies.
    We ended up in the old camper going 5000kms to krk in the croatia and back to Maastricht.