Sunday, 3 November 2013


It is now September. Summer is almost gone and without our completing a long ride. We have not though, dear reader, been totally idle. Our initial exuberance remains . The local terrain my not be as challenging as the mountains, but it does offer beautiful countryside and wide panoramas from many of the ridges. The Limousin  has much to recommend it. (Including the Tour de Limousin every summer). In addition to the magnificent limousine cattle, the hedgerows are full of flowers and the forests bursting with wildlife including the “chasse”! This latter helpfully informs you that a hunt is in progress, but we are still not sure how we are to dodge the bullets! (Big yellow jacket?!)

On our training run
As a result of these various excursions, our confidence on these different bikes has increased and, while Alan’s timed rides have shown an improvement, I am still smelling the roses and greeting other riders with a cheery “bonjour” when I have enough breath.  However, after a couple of months of local riding on what can best be described as undulating but rarely flat, we felt it was time to test our ability on more demanding terrain. I’m not sure why exactly…..

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