Thursday, 7 July 2011

They just love their bikes

Koge – Paesto      78.3 kms     315’ ascent
For our avid readers, you will have noticed that the last couple to days have been almost without ascent and, in addition, we have enjoyed almost unbroken sunshine; the price exacted has been the nostril wind. Today, as a result of the meandering nature of the cycle route, it has sometimes been off the port bow so only a relatively minor hindrance. Today, it all began so well and so it continued! Shortly after leaving the campsite along the designated cycle path, we came upon a group of ladies with very large panniers on the front of their bikes containing small children! (Photo included) This was an outing from the local kindergarten and we marvelled at the freedom from political correctness that these teachers enjoyed. The children were entranced with their surroundings including this bizarre lady who asked them smile. So refreshing.
 We commenced the main part of our ride along the sea shore, passing along millionaires’ row which went on for tens of kilometres!  It was a truly astounding example of the fact that wealth and good taste do not always coincide. It was an eclectic mix of design from the original (Just one) to lego lookalikes. All with sea views and private beaches and jetties.
Despite our route meandering through the countryside, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. We were only two of many cyclists enjoying the sunshine – everything from the serious road cyclist to the youngest on the back of mum’s bike and the oldest just enjoying still being able to push the pedals (Yes, I know but there are others older than us).
According to the designers of the route 9, it was going to be only 63 kms to Paesto! (Anyway 75 kms later we found ourselves in this very neat little town with a campsite that was full. A very helpful tourist office located a B&B which wasn’t full and so off we set. Well, we have seen a lot of ‘half open’ ‘half shut’ and ‘will be ready next week’, but this was something else. It will/could be absolutely fabulous. An old mansion with outbuildings and barns and some magnificent original features. But in need of massive investment.
Tomorrow we head for the last of our overnights in Denmark. Germany awaits. 

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  1. So u in Deutschland yet? Sorry we missed you last night, looking forward to catching up. Hope you're still enjoying yourselves. Much Love
    K -x-