Monday, 4 July 2011

We're Not Alcoholics - Really

Hellingsborg (Sweden) – Niva (Denmark)  49.5 kms + the bit on the ferry.   248’ ascent.
Having now spent over thirty five days of cycling, we have established something of a ritual in the mornings which begin with the alarm sounding at seven o’clock. Our actions are now pretty well honed to maximum efficiency without being obsessive. So, when Alan began to load his trailer at about 8.30 all was going to plan. He stood observing his trailer with a perplexed expression: ‘What is missing?’ says he as his load appears somewhat deficient. ‘It might just be that huge blue bag standing against the cabin,’ say I, and collapse into hysterical laughter. Last laugh was still with ‘himself’. To ensure we leave nothing behind, Alan undertakes a ‘final inspection’. Thus far he has found n

othing, not even knickers under the bed. Today he could crow – I had left the drinks bottles in the ‘fridge. So, I guess  the score to be one all.
Our ride to the ferry was a real pleasure as the cycle track, which we managed to locate, closely followed the coast, so for the most part we had the sea on our right and not much in between. We reached Hellingsborg in good time and even found the port. Locating the access was something of a challenge as the Swedes had hidden all the signs. Doggedly determined as ever, we found a man, who somewhat disparagingly, told us to enter with the cars. For a very reasonable sum we bought our tickets and took to lane 13. Fortunately for us, we were preceded by two local cyclists who were familiar with the system – head down and go for it up the gang plank! We beat the lorries by a heart- beat and our fellows suggested that we stayed with the bikes for the 10 minute duration of the crossing. Actually, there was time for each of us to visit the loo, but little more. To exit the ferry was a repeat performance of the entrance, so heads down again. Totally disorientated by this time, we found ourselves in Helsingor admiring Hamlet’s castle. A visit to the information centre seemed a sensible option and so it was. Armed with very heavy ‘information’ we then decided a currency change and a bit more cash might be prudent. Back to the info centre who, ever helpful, directed me to the nearest bank. (We now know why the ferry route is so busy. The streets in Helsingor are not lined with gold but the next best thing – the shops selling liquor overflow onto the streets!)
In less than half an hour after our arrival in Denmark we were off, following the correct cycle route and stopping on the beach for a well- deserved break for coffee and rolls.
Having booked a cabin at the most convenient site, we enjoyed another leisurely ride along the coast through delightful, and no doub,t very expensive villages. Not a long ride today, but even so we barely noticed the distance as there was so much to look at. Our site is very comfortable and we have just finished our evening meal without the company of midgies but with the accompaniment of a bottle of reasonably priced white wine. Cheers!  


  1. Yeah, a new country and over a third of the way there!!! Well done both. Mum, how can you possibly be wasting away to anything smaller, there wasn't much of you to start with! Enjoy Denmark -x-

  2. Sounds like our kind of place?!! Xx

  3. Well done, you pair of loonies!
    You deserve all the booze you can get.
    Keep the blog going Mary. It's brilliant. When you get back home you'll need a publisher. The collection will be a best seller.

    Love and best wishes,
    Ann & Judd

  4. Dear Both, Thanks for your pc - it all sounds marvellous, Georgie says that she is jealous and wishes she were with you in Denmark, but maybe NOT on a bike!! All is well here, just celebrated the Assoc.FB's 20th anniversary!!Off to the Alps next week to see Charbie and the Tour de France - our thoughts are often with you- love from the Tarrys