Thursday, 27 March 2014

A Pilgrimage!

Surprise, surprise! You could be forgiven for feeling abandoned, dear reader, but read on and you will find this is not so. The title of this entry may provide a tiny clue as to our next Old Bones venture.
It is still something of a mystery as to where these ideas originate but, it seems that once the seed is planted, growth is almost inevitable. So despite appearances, we have continued to sort of train through a very wet winter while contemplating a foray in spring. I am reliably informed that Spring is now official although the view from my window does nothing to corroborate this theory. (Not warm and raining!)
A pilgrim route, which this is, may not seem an obvious choice in view of our lack of religious beliefs but the road it follows is likely to be interesting and expand our knowledge of the importance of this way. We are unlikely to experience an epiphany I think, but Northern Spain has always had its attractions for us – the wild Atlantic ocean, the Picos mountains and family holidays  – none of which we will encounter on the path of St. James! But the memories will be nearby.
Oradour sur Vayres to Santiago de Compostella is a relatively modest undertaking but Old Bones are still getting older! (a pathetic excuse). As the Master Mind has been carrying out most of the research- well, all of it really – I am blissfully unaware of the distance or the severity or otherwise of the proposed journey. (around 1,500kms!!! –ed.)  So safe in my ignorance, I shall mount my bike and pedal off!
In the meantime, it has come of something of a surprise that, having made no ride of any significance last year, we have spent a lot of time relearning the logistics required for several weeks in the saddle: fortunately Mr. Organised has retained the information from the previous trips and has spent much time revisiting his beloved lists. I do not mock! Without them, we would still be scuttling around, scratching our heads. So far, so good. Bikes are running well, trailers are serviced and packed and, thus far, all bones are in good shape! Please touch as much wood as you can find!
The actual mounting our bikes from the front gate and committing to the ride will happen next Wednesday as we are using this interim period to drive to Santiago and leave the car in a car park near the airport and return home by air. Thus, in theory, when we arrive in Santiago in a few weeks’ time, the car will be waiting to transport us back home. Great in theory, hope it all works in practice!
Hopefully, the next posting on the blog will be from somewhere in France in about a week’s time. This does rather depend on how well legs and lungs have adapted to pedalling all day with Herman and Sherman trailing behind! Still, poking a few keys on the computer shouldn’t make too many demands on physical resources.
We look forward to your joining us on our trek and, as ever, will welcome your comments, however they are conveyed. Until next week!

NB: Earlier this year Jim, the father of our son in law, died after a long fight with cancer. In response, we are hoping that this ride may raise some sponsorship for cancer charities. Marie will be facilitating this aspect so please look out for further information should you wish to make a donation. 


  1. Enjoy your latest venture -x-

  2. Don’t forget your man-bag this time Alan, because we’re not there to keep you in check. Wish we could take you to the start. It would be better than listening to the drone of this Kango. Even your dulcet drones, oops tones Al would be preferable.
    Seriously, yes I can be serious, have a wonderful trip. Keep well and safe (are you listening Mary?). We will be following the Pilgrims progress. See you soon, love Deborah & Brendan.
    PS If this comment doesn’t publish this time …………………………….xxx

    1. Congratulations. You now hold the record for number of attempts needed to make a "comment". I do so miss your insults (usually in stereo). Don't work too hard while we're enjoying ourselves. Look forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Hello? Hello??? Where are you? Have you started yet? You haven't fallen off already have you? 😁