Monday, 7 April 2014

We're Off Again (in the rain)

Thursday 03.04.2014
Home – Sorges   Nearly 80kms    631m
For those of you who know this area will, no doubt, be wondering how it took us nearly 80kms to reach Sorges from home. Easy – the route that the Pilgrims obviously took meanders up hill and down dale and from east to west and not once follows the river valley (which I would consider the sensible choice, but then who am I to argue.) I suspect this will be a continuing feature of this ride!
We had delayed our departure by a day as we were somewhat jaded after our journey to Santiago to deliver the car to the airport car park! On Wednesday morning we were congratulating ourselves on our decision, as it was blowing a hooley! But the saints were having a laugh because, this morning, it was not blowing but pouring with rain and temperatures had plummeted. Undaunted we were saddled up by 09.30 and began the short climb from the house to the railway line in Oradour. It is only two kilometres but it was still a bit of a huff and puff! As we eased into our rhythm, sure enough, we began to roll along. However, as is normal to our journeying, after some twenty kilometres my bladder was overfull (I know - too much information). We stopped at the café/bar in Bussiere Gallant Gare where I asked very politely in my very best French if I could use the toilet. Now, bear in mind that I was very wet, very cold and busting for a pee and for the first time in France my request was refused! Do not frequent said bar! Nought for it but to cross legs and find a convenience in the railway station which posed no problem.
Suitably relieved, the ride continued up and down and more up and down and yet more up and down but was very pretty even in the rain which did not cease. As temperatures continued to drop, by lunch time we were very cold and in need of extra clothing. (More like Norway than France but no nostril wind – must be grateful for small, actually quite large, mercies). 

Our reward for completing our first day was an overnight in an hotel with a fabulous, if far too large, meal and a pretty hefty bill! We’ll be pedalling very hard tomorrow and without the need for calories.

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