Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Did We Mention the Rain?

Tuesday  22.05.2012   Just south of Nevers – Decize  a mere 50kms
Did I really say that yesterday was wet? I didn’t know then what ‘wet’ really was. We do today! The weather didn’t seem too bad when we sat down to our fulsome but basic breakfast, served by our smiling hostess, but on exiting the bar to return to our room the rain was coming down in stair rods. It would be fair to say that it was a little daunting in its volume and ferocity, but we considered ourselves a match for it. Too conceited by half! Having taken a wrong turning from the hotel, (a whole kilometre), we returned to our start point already very, very wet. In optimistic frame of mind (it can only get better) we set off  again. It didn’t get better; it got much worse AND we had no provisions and only a flask of weak tea which was at best only luke warm yesterday so when we saw a huge boulangerie sign, it was a welcome sight. Turn right, straight up a 10% hill – hoorah- but sure enough at the top was a boulangerie. So, with bread, cheese, quiche and apple turnovers safely stowed on the trailer and accompanied by thunder and, presumably, lightning and another cloudburst, we descended the hill.
Not a Happy Bunny!
(Now my elephant has got off quite lightly this week but the last two days have required the odd munch.) By midday we had found no shelter when, finally, we sought divine guidance and made for a village church being assured that there would at least be a porch. NO. Not even an overhanging gargoyle. We did find a small wood store with just enough space to squeeze into and avoid the worst of the wet. We did, however, have to share the shed with biggest used condom Alan had ever seen. Quite put him off his cold tea (not even luke warm anymore).
Enough was enough, and we made the decision to call it a day at the next town and find shelter for the rest of the day and tonight. Having toured the town several times we found tourist information and arranged accommodation. So, here we are, disappointed at having completed such a short distance, but common sense must prevail and it is still coming down in stair rods! Tomorrow looks less wet, if still grey and miserable, so here’s to staying dry, or at least drier, on the morrow.  


  1. Mum, we love your Elephant technique - it got Seren to the top of a couple of hills on the weekend - she was briefly sharing your pain!

    Lots of love

  2. You don't need to include the date for our benefit, we know what day you're writing about by the amount of rain!
    Enjoying following your progress, we are just about to start Gironde, Canal de Midi which was our first target.
    All the best
    Jack and Nic

  3. As a scientist and imaginative thinker I'd have thought that Punk would, with the help of a bit of bent willow or hazel, converted said mighty condom into a bivi.
    Luxury, comfort and sensitivity all in one.