Sunday, 20 May 2012

Shut but Open

Sunday 20.05.2012  Sully sur Loire – Belleville sur Loire   61kms

Where the Rhone - Seine Canal crosses the Loire
Bit of a late start this morning as Alan needed the rest. So it was about 10.30 when we bade farewell to Mr. PGL and the second campsite with no toilet paper. Nostril wind was with us again; we are getting quite pally now! The day has passed with no notable occurrences but a pleasant ride along the river. The rain has stayed off for the most part but is forecast for tonight. An hotel seems a really good option and the one we found looked great except that it was shut! A few metres further along the route we found a tourist office open on a Sunday. I asked for a hotel with food for we were bereft of rations, and she recommended the one that was shut. But when she rang it was open!  So here we are –warm, dry and clean while it pisses down outside. We have accessed the internet and we would like to thank – no really – all those of you who have sent messages and emails. It is a great encouragement especially when things are a bit tough. So pat yourselves on the back and we will look forward to our next encounter. I have to stop now as himself must post this and add the pics which, I am told take ages! Looking forward to a really comfortable night and no breakfast to prepare in the morning.

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  1. Deborah and Brendan21 May 2012 at 00:30

    Wind, rain and pain! Ouch! Leave the stunt riding to the young'uns Al.

    I have sorted out the bendy boat picture, now you have given me the conundrum of the concrete bunker thingy. And how far was the old man cycling to see his son?

    Hoping for kinder weather for you. Keep safe. xxx