Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ready or Not

12.05.20012 St. Brevin L’Ocean ( very pretty it is too)
Another year, another route, another adventure! 
 The last few days have witnessed a flurry of activity as would be expected. Lists have been ticked, domestic chores have been undertaken, instructions for visitors have been written, and kind neighbours have been approached to keep an eye on the house. Most important has been the offer from Deborah and Brendan to ferry us to our start point at the mouth of the river Loire. Most plans have gone without a hitch but NO hitch at all is always unlikely and, despite his numerous check lists, it was Alan who perpetrated this particular hitch by leaving behind the most vital of objects. No, not the bike but his bag, wherein lay his bank cards, car documentation and passport! Realisation dawned just about half an hour en route. Passing a bar, Brendan sniggered that Deborah had on one occasion left her handbag in said bar. This was followed by a strangled cry of “Where is my bag?”. Not anywhere in the car! An hour or so later, with bag collected from Chez Nous, we were outside the same bar. I will leave to your imagination, dear reader, the taunts that followed this small act of carelessness. Tee hee……..
After the long journey, sub-zero temperatures, fog and grinding ascents of last year (not to mention broken bones) the commencement of this new venture has shown a very different face. The journey, despite the deviation, took only some four or five hours, the temperatures are in the low twenties, the sky is almost clear blue and the route is almost flat! Thus, in these balmy conditions have we explored the starting point of our track, visited the seaside and lazed by the pool at our gite. (La Pasada – Very good and cycle friendly)  Only my old friend ‘nostril wind’ has tried to spoil the day and failed. We have enjoyed a gentle introduction to this year’s quest and we look forward to sharing this evening with our chauffeurs and quaffing the odd glass of wine.
Tomorrow, up and off and who knows what awaits. 


  1. Ha Ha Dad, you'll never hear the end of this one... ;-) Good luck on your new venture, from all of us here in sunny Swansea. Keep us posted
    Lots of Love


  2. At your age one can expect a little forgetfulness!! Anyway, what's with the flat terrain and 'balmy' weather? Have you two gone soft?? : ) Best of luck!! Xxxx

  3. Good Luck Parents. G

  4. Deborah & Brendan13 May 2012 at 23:08

    Oh how we laughed. All I can say is thank the lucky stars it was Alan who made the faux pas. But……..if you dish it out (as you are wont to do Alan), expect to get it back! It may be brought up and used in defence and retaliation for many years to come! Handbags at dawn!
    Thank you for a lovely weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the region and we were pleased to play a little part in your latest great adventure. We are continuing ours tonight in Les Sables D’Olonne.
    Good luck to you both and we will take good care of your house. (The people we have sublet it to have promised to be out by July.) Lots of love D & B

  5. Hurrah! Another venture under way. Glad to note Punk's fallibility.Bon chance mes cher amis. We hope to catch up with you amongst the Boche. Love, An & Judd

  6. We are pleased to have met two adventurers. thank you for your visit to the departure of your trip. Virginie et Vincent, to La Pousada, Saint Brévin......

  7. Jack and Nicola15 May 2012 at 20:41

    Best of luck, enjoy every minute
    Jack & Nic