Tuesday, 26 May 2015

First day on the Volodyssey

Roscoff – Landeillau             93 kms     1524m ascent  ?

It has begun.  Not quite as efficiently as one might have hoped. Some difficulty was encountered during the drive around the marina in Roscoff in an attempt to locate the beginning of the route but it was decided that, anyway a car park is as good a place as any to unload bikes, don appropriate gear, have a quick, unobtrusive wee, and head off. A relieved D and B waved us off and after half an hour of beautiful views of the bay, we were lost.  As ever, when you need them the most, the signs disappear but also, as ever, the inevitable helpful local arrived and pointed us in the right direction.
As the ride was designed to return us to Landeillau, we knew the distance that was required but were pretty clueless as to the type of terrain. Just as well really! After some thirty kilometres of pleasant riding (I forgot to mention we left the trailers with our hosts Barry and Arian……..hee hee………..), we were not lost but following and old railway line much like the one near home. There were though, some significant differences – the surface was muddy, potholey and gravelly and for eighteen kilometres it went up! We were both confused (it doesn’t take much these days) to note that although the track looked flat, it felt as though we were riding through treacle so it was with much relief that we arrived at a very old station and began to descend. And the track still looked flat!
Sometime later, we left the railway and joined the canal! And we were still making pretty good time. Our small problem now was to locate the correct bridge in order to leave the canal path to climb up a hill to get home! After a very small wobble, Al chose an exit and up we went and up, and up, a little bit down, and up, and then hoorah, Arian waved from the garden.
Quite tired, we gratefully accepted a beer from Barry, a shower, dinner and CRASH. That’s day one over. Herman and Sherman join us tomorrow! Probably won’t manage another 90 plus kms…….. no, definitely won’t  manage another 90 plus kms!

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