Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Journey North

May 23  - Landeillau.
That’s the easy part over. We have arrived in Brittany after a journey which was not without some contention – (inevitably with Tom Tom or, to be precise, Garmin!) For reasons best known to computer buffs, the sat nav was particularly insistent that we should follow a long winded motorway route. As it had been decided before we left that we should meander along a less frenetic path, it was inevitable that there should be a difference of opinion. This resulted in our frustrated driver being bombarded by three voiciferous passengers instructing him to ignore the mechanical device and listen to the human voice. With a natural preference for the electronics, Al was almost, but not quite, in meltdown. Remarkably, Tom tom continued to instruct us to make a U turn for some 20 kilometres before admitting defeat.
In compensation for all this agro, Deborah had produced a ‘packed lunch’ unsurpassed by anything we would describe thus. A full spread of food littered the picnic table we had chosen to grace with our presence and we clearly won the competition for the best spread with our French neighbours. And, believe me, to beat the French at their own game, is a huge achievement. We fell short only on the paucity of knives!
By early evening sat nav informed us that we had arrived at our destination (yes, she improved as the day went on). It was with some misgivings that we viewed the building on our right. Certainly dilapidated and smelly with cows. Thankfully a few metres further along the track, we located our building on the left. Not dilapidated, with a beautiful garden and a warm welcome. Phew!

All packed now and ready to ride. Roscoff tomorrow.  Hopefully a fair wind and no rain. We shall see…………..

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