Thursday, 28 May 2015

baboon bums

Josselin – Guenrouet    - 93 kilometres       ascent – not worth mentioning
Well, I think I was right about the fancy dinner. All three courses were beautifully delivered and we had a separate plate for each course – even three sets of cutlery and the price which didn't include coffee or wine was more than four times the meal we had enjoyed the night before! We think it might have been our wedding anniversary so that was our excuse. The washing dried though, and we were able to make a clean, non smelly start to a day which began so well.
It seemed that habitation had arrived both human and animal and we enjoyed our first view of boats squeezing into locks and ducks, herons, swans and squirrels not squeezing into locks but swimming- well the ducks  anyway.  The path was graded as a very good at the start! It ended up as absolute sh…..te. As the eskimos have thousands of words for snow, we need a similar number for path surfaces! My ‘bits’ will never be the same! (Bums like baboons - ed.)
As ever, it had been our intention to complete around 75kms which took us along the canal path (hasn’t changed much – just more activity) to Redon ……..Ugh. It took little time to decide to continue a bit. Mmmmm. At worst, we would end up in Guenrouet 20kms further on. The worst came to pass and the path got worse and worse and our legs got tireder  and tireder. I would have gritted my teeth but keeping them gritted was impossible with the shake, rattle and roll of tyres on gravel and bumps. Sounds great doesn’t it?!
Quite tired, we arrived at Guenrouet and sought out the tourist office which in spite indicating openness was actually shut  -  again! Following much head scratching,we sought assistance from the local creperie who directed us to a very nearby Chambre d’hote which was fab. We returned to the creperie for a galette eaten overlooking the canal. It’s quite pretty – the canal I mean- when you are not bouncing around with it just in the corner of your eye.

So all ended well and the bed feels absolutely wonderful!

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