Monday, 24 October 2016

Thursday 29. 09.2016.      Montelivet  - Ares      (90kms)

Conscious of having to make up some miles, today has been a bit head down and go. I couldn’t even irritate grumpy cyclists with my jolly ‘bonjour’ as I saw not a single soul for 40 kms! Those 40 kilometres were without incident on generally well maintained paths. (There was even a dedicated sweeper machine to hoover up the pine needles!) However, nothing lasts forever, and the stretch between Maubuisson and the D6 was ‘hilly’. Two such hills were indicated on my map and the other umpteen were not! Ten percent rise was not unusual and it certainly gave the old legs a work out. (Certainly eradicated the complacency which this ride had induced.) I fervently hoped that the rest of the route would be less arduous. The difference was marginal: just a small improvement. And I always thought that beaches were quite flat – mm…. won’t make that mistake again.
Where roads intersected the cycle path and culminated in vast car parks allowing pedestrian access to the beaches, the cycle signs took a back seat to the plethora of car parking information. Beach lovers had also transported swathes of sand on their return to their vehicles and much time was spent ploughing through this artificial beach and hoping that the grains of sand were not causing great damage to my chain and gears.

 I reached my preferred destination and the first grumpy man I accosted for information, told me that Lege cap Ferrat had no hotels and no chambres d’hotes and that I would have to continue to Ares. Not half a kilometre further on, I discovered a stunning Chambres d’Hotes. It might have been just in Ares! The delightful hosts had a room to spare and, after a very welcome iced drink, I was shown upstairs. It was all so beautiful I was afraid to sit down until I had disrobed and showered! Fortunately there was a balcony on which I felt I could make a little more mess, lay out my smelly clothes for an airing and write my blog. I completed the day with another very good Carrefour salad (and a pudding) eaten while watching a splendid and colourful sunset.

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