Saturday, 14 May 2011

Arms and Legs

We’re back on course. Plaster is off the arm with a “parfait” from the surgeon. Physio continues to work on Mary’s leg with various instruments of pain and pleasure and states that she will be fit  to ride in two weeks. Only negative at the moment  is that our fitness levels are not what we planned but we’re working on the principle that we are not in a hurry and we’ve got 7500km to get fit!

We’re now committed to the start date and I have  booked the hotels for the journey north. Our original plan, some 12 months ago, was to drive to Newcastle, leave the car with relatives, take the ferry to Bergen then a five day ferry along the western coast of Norway  to Hurtigruten.   Although  websites were still offering a booking service for the Newcastle – Bergen  leg of the journey, in reality, the ferry stopped operating  at the end of 2008. That left us with the flight option of Gatwick to  Alta. Logistically this was possible but we were not looking forward to Ryanair transporting our bikes and kit to Stanstead, then transporting it all to Gatwick for the flight north with up to 3 stops and luggage transfers and finally putting the bikes back together in  Alta and cycling to our first accommodation. Hardy souls have done it but we were looking for a more leisurely start. We mentioned our dilemma to good friends Dean and Anne and over a couple of bottles of wine we had our dream start. We’re driving to Stockholm over 4 days, taking the scenic route, and picking up Dean and Anne who are flying out from the UK. A three day drive will take us to Nordkapp, where we’ll don our winter clobber (+2deg at the moment) and start pedalling. D & A are planning to explore the Lofoten Islands and will then take our car back to the UK. An added bonus, Dean’s lad Ev and his partner Sophie will house sit for us while we’re away. What happens when  we reach Malta is a problem for another day.

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