Monday, 16 May 2011

On The Way North

After much deliberation (swearing) the kit is all packed and the hundreds of items on the "to do" list have been ticked off. The next few days will be the easy bit, sitting behind the wheel and driving the couple of thousand miles north. The fun starts in a weeks time when we pack the 23 kgs into each of the trailers and begin cycling south. Temperatures are around 5deg. in Nordkapp at the moment but, by July, we should be able to send most of the winter kit home. Can't say we're looking forward to leaving our 28deg here in France.
Many thanks to all those who have wished us good luck. We're thinking of you.


  1. Good Luck Both! Lots of Love K -x-

  2. Best of luck Mum and Dad. I'd like to say break a leg but have a feeling that would not be entirely appropriate!!

    Don't forget, keep a diary! there's a book in this i'm sure of it! not to mention a hollywood blockbuster, followed by the inevitable dreadful sequel, then finally a totally crappy tv series.

    Try and make it interesting, but not tooooo interesting.... i want both my parents home in one piece please.

    Yet another adventure.... enjoy.


  3. My 'big adventure' at the moment is trying to work out how to post messages on this blog!! It makes cycling hundreds of miles seem like a breeze!! I've tried twice now, plus once when I sent an email to myself!!

    I'm sure your trip will all go brilliantly but remember that I'm here should you need an emergency pick up.

    Lots of love

  4. "by July, we should be able to send most of the winter kit home"