Monday, 23 May 2011

Many Days of Motoring

Many days of motoring!
These bikes are a tenacious pair. They are still only a few feet from the rear bumper. In for a bit of a shock tomorrow when they will be permanently separated from the mother ship.  Yes, after seven days of sitting with knees up around chin and buttocks stuck to the seat, we shall be free. But what fun we have had. Sweden, it seems, is unable to make up its mind about how fast you may drive your car so signs proliferate indicating anything from 30 to 110 in the space of 100 metres. Someone has made a fortune from road signs.  Accommodation has been everything from outstanding to downright awful. The ‘awful ‘being the first night for Dean and Ann who arrived on time in Stockholm (courtesy of Ryanair and who deserved better in view of the extraordinary favour they are doing us) . There was a room with a view but we weren’t in it! Instead we enjoyed the delights of a bomb site. In mitigation, it was clean and lots of food (even Dean had sufficient!) and the restaurant for dinner was right on the lakeside with excellent fare.
Now we are above the Arctic circle and, for those who know me, they will undoubtedly consider  this  to be something of an achievement in its own right. I REALLY don’t do cold, not that it is very cold. Thankfully only little patches of snow! Competition hotted up to see who would be the first to spot a moose. Dean won; but then in a heightened state of excitement,  spotted another in the distance. No, it was a wooden post box! Then Mr. Moose spotter extraordinaire took to photographing reindeer with limited success. ‘Open the window Al.  No, not yours you plonker! An excellent photo of the passenger window.
  As we seem to be only four of about five people in Finland, today we head for Norway and take-off! Bikes and bodies in for a bit of a shock.


  1. wishing you (and your legs and bums) lots of luck, fun, comfy beds and smooth roads along your journey! :-) keep up with the blog updates....its great to hear your progress. We will keep you updated of any news our end, and look forward to our next skype chat, lots of love Lizzie and Greig x x

  2. Your poor bikes! Fancy dragging them from the comfort of the car and forcing them to undertake such a gruelling trip. No doubt they will get their own back on your bums!! Are you sure that you were 4 out of 5 people in Finland and not 4 out of 4?!It is well known for being sparsely populated.
    Good luck for your first day of cycling tomorrow. Hope you don't get too cold and that the body stands up to the pressures! Try to avoid camping on the first night - it could be very chilly!
    Keep blogging.
    Lots of luv -