Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Motorway Madness

This cycling lark is a breeze. The bikes have resolutely  followed the back of the car for some 1000 plus kilometres!  Having dawdled along the French autoroute with hardly a care (except for all those drivers behind you who want to be your friend and get in the boot), today the Germans had a chance to show their metal (mostly Audi).  They don’t want to be your friend, they just want you to get out of the way on their race track. Aside from the driving, our hosts last night were charming and became even more so after we had quaffed some very palatable German wine (white and red). We know it can’t last so we are making the most of the present opportunity.  A great choice of hotel courtesy of Alan’s diligent searching of the net. Beautiful room and excellent local food. What does asparagus do to your wee? Tonight’s hotel is big and impersonal but nonetheless very fine. Must remember not to get too used to all this!

1 comment:

  1. Best of luck to you both, enjoy the drive, we missed you at French yesterday Mary!
    Sue T