Friday, 27 May 2011

A Bit of a Blip

Repvag to Oldenfjord  48.9kms    353m ascent  -  2 days
The intention was that this journey would take just one day! We left Repvag , climbed out of the village, and hit the straight which led to the main road. This was the point at which, maybe, we should have taken stock. Having to push the bikes against the wind on the flat should have served as a warning.  But ever optimistic, we were sure that once we changed direction onto the main road all would be well and the wind would begin to abate. Ha ha, this was the granddaddy of the infant  breeze we had experienced the day before. Undaunted, except for the fear of being blown into the path of some juggernaut (of which there are many), we soldiered on deciding that even if we had to walk a bit and ride a bit we stood a good chance of achieving our goal. After all it was less than 50kms and it would be daylight all the time. Easy peasy.  If we ever thought we would experience a gentle introduction into this journey, northern Norway was disinclined to oblige. Not only had we to contend with the weather, but also with the local wildlife, in the shape of the reindeer . They make Trefil sheep look like members of Mensa.  Alan played chicken with a mother and her calf who insisted  on trying to outrun the bike following the white line (if indeed there had been one). Plenty of room on either side but no, she obviously preferred to keep tripping over her terrified calf.
After 15 or so kilometres of walk ride we finally ran out of options. The temperatures dropped to around freezing and the wind was growing in strength, easily around force 8+. At one point it lifted the front wheel of my bike into the air with me still attached to the handlebars! The safety flag on the trailer snapped clean in half. When we found ourselves unable even to counter the wind pushing our bikes downhill, something, as they say, had to be done.  Alan was faring little better despite his determination (and greater mass). Then the gods took pity. After 15km of not seeing any form of habitation, an abandoned souvenir hut with front door missing was presented to us as our des res for the night! We had running water cascading down the gully, toilets, courtesy of the local council and the view was spectacular, looking as it did, down a sea of white horses and films of spray whirling into mini tornados. Warm, dry and with food in our bellies, we passed a less than tranquil night. It blew, it snowed and some darn critter wanted to share our shelter and our chocolate. I bravely saw that off, all four inches of furry ball!
Friday- and what a contrast; no wind, (well only the infant ) and no rain or snow. After  a hearty breakfast of muesli and cups of tea we took up the ride with renewed enthusiasm but hoping that  Oldenfjord would offer a nice warm hut and more food. It came up trumps, if not cheap trumps and so, dear reader, I can share our little adventure with you.


  1. And thank you for that, it's a great read :)

  2. At last we have been able to catch up with your adventures! Can't say I envy you YET! Let's hope the Gods are throwing all the poop at you at the start and the rest will be a doddle. Thinking of you and wishing you all the luck in the world!
    Mary, I hope you are taking care of yourself.
    Best of luck to you both.
    Lots of love, Deborah & Brendan xxx

  3. P.S. Brendan says as you have walked some of the way you have already been disqualified!
    AND....... the the Stadium of Light was full to capacity on Friday night. Only because Take That were playing there ....... they beat Sunderland 1 - 0!!!!! Sorry Al, I will try to curb his comments - you have enough to contend with!!

  4. Am reading this from my warm cosy bed wondering if we can actually be related..???! You are proper bonkers mum! I'm hoping you've had more salubrious lodgings for the last couple of nights? Xxx

  5. Are we nearly there??
    How far is it?
    How far!!

    Well done

    Love N+S

  6. Good to catch up with you both and your ADVENTURE. Mary - you turned right again!! Do hope you've left all that foul weather behind you and there's calmier skies in front to look forward to. At least it's got to get better from here on!! Take good care of yourselves. Love Jan & Colin x x