Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Long Way to Butlin's

Policoro  -  Rossano    85.8 kms     347’ascent

These next few days promise to be somewhat tedious as we are left with little choice but to follow the main road for the most part. Mr. Master Navigator has done his best to take our route onto quieter stretches of road when it has been possible, but the relief has been short lived. However, we are getting used to the extra traffic and besides, we have not long to go.
We have been confused by signs for Reggio which have had a discrepancy of 100kms. (354kms or 254kms). Sadly ours is the greater distance as we are following the coast, and the shorter route rushes off into the mountains and onto the motorway neither of which we are keen undertake. The mountains do look magnificent but not an area to be explored by two pensioners on bikes! The coast road may not be the most exciting place to be, but it does have the significant advantage of being a much flatter alternative. After three months, and quite a few mountains, our legs really appreciate the concern we have for them! Not to mention the heart and lungs and the cooling system!  (Temperatures are not dropping)
This is not the heartland for Italian holiday makers and hotels less prolific. We congratulated ourselves on finding one but were slightly less enthusiastic when we realised that it is actually just a bit like a posh Butlins. Our room is fine and we are only here for one night. Heads down again tomorrow. 

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