Friday, 5 August 2011

Tourist Office Trumps

Werfen  -  Piesendorf    64.3          959’ ascent.
This was a beautiful day. The weather was glorious and the riding not too demanding. We followed the river for much of the time, as this constituted a significantly more reliable reference point than any of the very haphazard signposts. We were by no means the only couple confused by the green cycle signs, as we watched, with some amusement, many other cyclists who appeared equally as confused as we were. For us, the general consensus was ‘follow your nose’ and hope. This was successful up to a point. However after following green signs which seemed to visit the local farms and not much else, we resorted to the road. Winding around the hillsides maybe great fun if you are out for a day’s ride, but after fifty plus days and more than 4000 kms a more sympathetic route is required. Arriving very hot and sweaty in Piesendorf, the tourist office came up trumps and found us a bike friendly pension, which didn’t mind welcoming two sweaty and smelly cyclists. (Our experience with Tourist offices is that they are excellent at procuring accommodation but anything useful like maps or cycle route information is conspicuously absent.)
During the evening meal, Alan told me, as gently as possible, what was in store for tomorrow. That he had actually pondered over whether to tell me or not shows a remarkable level of concern. I was to expect a very long and steep climb; over 1000metres in five kilometres! I am glad that he told me, I think!?

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