Thursday, 11 August 2011

Two to Tango

Verona  -  Quistello      77.8 kms   155’ ascent
Once we had retrieved our bikes and trailers from the depths of the garage and explained our route and the vagaries of our trailers to an interested hotel employee, we were off and away with our newly acquired maps. Getting out of the city was infinitely easier than getting in. Despite there being no route signs, we were in a position to take to the roads and know where we were going (well nearly). Mr. Master Navigator played a stormer and we followed a combination of bike route and road with some success. (Each day we have been helicopter spotted and it has been our way of assuming that HTV is following our progress!) Today the helicopter took off within a few metres of our path so Alan waved enthusiastically and the pilot returned the gesture much like the train driver of two days ago who tooted in response to a similar wave. We just need a canal barge to complete the picture.
We have, in general, been impressed by the drivers in Italy.  We had expected to receive a blatant disregard for cyclist, instead of which, we have been treated with generosity. Only one incident has marred this record. A large blue truck saw Alan a little late in the day and left half the rubber off his back tyres on the road ,but he did avoid wiping out the Navigator.
Quistello is a small village and it was here that we decided to call it a day. The landlady spoke no English and so it was time to resort to all those gestures. We got a room and, having washed off the day’s smells, we went in search of sustenance. Our landlady, with great excitement, led us into a garden, cool with trees and plants - and a stage with a DJ. We winced, thinking that we were to be subjected to a karaoke night but no, by nine o’clock the place was full and the dancers took to the floor. Quickstep, foxtrot, cha cha cha, Vienese waltz, line dancing and the tango were all part of the evening’s fun for the clients. We remained firmly in our seats but thoroughly enjoyed watching the local townsfolk, of all ages, tripping the light fantastic. Fabulous end to the day.

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