Wednesday, 24 August 2011

So Much Potential

Rossana  -  Crotone          96.1kms     335’ ascent
Today has been a day of traffic, tarmac and temperatures which remain in the high 30’s and possibly more. What is worthy of comment though, is the state of this south eastern part of Italy. It is a forlorn area dotted with the skeletal remnants of ambitious projects where the buildings have never been finished. The impression created is that of a plan which either ran out of funding or enthusiasm. This is not to say that there are no new initiatives, but in general, the aspect is one of slow dereliction.
It is this lack of care which is represented by the vast amounts of garbage which accumulates along the roadsides. The very large bins which are provided in the towns, are overflowing and, in the heat, the decay and smells are overwhelming. There seems to be no body that has the direction or inclination to clear up. And yet the countryside, the beaches and the towns could have much to offer.
Alan has been impressed with the level of consideration we have received from the Italian motorist. They show less consideration for other drivers. It is difficult to travel more than several kilometres without passing a religious and flora tribute to, mostly young men, who have met their demise.
The kerbside is also the graveyard of many and different mammals some of which are unidentifiable. Again there seems no system in place to remove carcasses so, while some are obviously recent, others have been subsumed into the tarmac. Not even scavenging birds have feasted on the dead.
It is a bleak, but accurate picture I paint. Nonetheless, folk still holiday in the area and the cars they drive are not old bangers, but expensive vehicles even if most of them have a dent or two!  But, as ever, the people remain friendly and helpful although it is often difficult to understand whether they are shouting in anger or just shouting! Not a soft spoken race.


  1. Keep your spirits up, nearly there!!!
    Lots of Love

  2. Quite a lot of prejudice in Italy, I think, from those in the North towards those in the South. Some look down on those who live south of Rome. Perhaps that is refelected in the distribution of national funds or perhaps it'sd just too hot to be industrious! Hope it gets better when you leave the mainland.
    Very exciting to be so near to the final destination. Would love to meet you in Malta if we can arrange it.
    Lots of love - Wendy x

  3. Oops! Didn't do a spell check!! X

  4. By now, you must have reached at least the tip of the toe! Fantastic.
    Pat x