Friday, 19 August 2011

Very Italian

Civitanova Marche   -  Pineto     90.3 kms     135’ ascent (hardly worth mentioning)
Before I describe the journey today, I must just mention one significant event which took place yesterday. Alan has been looking increasingly like the wild man of Borneo but no longer! He is now sporting only a few millimetres of hair all over his head; a number 2 ,3 or 4 I know not which. A much more sensible hairdo for this increasingly hot weather.
Having adjusted his helmet to fit his nice new hair style, we set off early to avoid some of the morning heat. Not a chance, by nine o’clock it was over 30degrees and still climbing. Otherwise, the ride was uneventful. We bumped and sweated our way over the 90kms stopping only for fluid intake and food. (I have drunk more bad for you, sugary fizzy drinks in the last fortnight than I have drunk in my entire life!) Thirst is just constant.
The ride may have been without incident but our choice of hotel for the night was anything but. We received the friendliest reception of the journey so far. Two young lads really who fed us beer, showed us a room for the bikes and then explained that the reason they needed so many signatures was for plod who apparently calls each day to find out which aliens have been lurking in their town. Having had no time to buy any food for dinner, we decided to eat in the hotel dining room. A quiet romantic meal it was not  --  but very Italian. The noise level rose as each family sat down to eat. Many were in large family groups with papa at the head of the table surveying benevolently the fruits of his labours; children, partners and grandchildren. The room was in a state of constant bustle as waitresses whizzed around making sure everyone was served. As infiltrators, we had been allocated our own special helper who spoke perfect English, as you would expect as she was Dutch! We enjoyed a splendid meal of local dishes and wine in a friendly and lively atmosphere. Great.

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  1. Don't forget to suncream your head else you'll end up with stripes that match the holes in your hat!! Lots of love -x-