Monday, 7 April 2014

A Flat Bit!

Sunday 06.04.2014    
 Monsegur – near Retions     86kms 420m

 It had rained overnight but had the good sense to clear up as we roused ourselves for a fourth day in the saddle. To facilitate our departure, we were required to push both the bikes and the trailers through the full length of the bar under the scrutiny of the regulars who had arrived for their coffee laced or otherwise I don’t know. We had nearly reached the door when one of the regulars recognised the flag and exclaimed that his wife was Welsh! They just get everywhere.
At least leaving Monsegur was downhill but the euphoria lasted only a short while before the inevitable ups and downs. Today though, they were much reduced and by lunch time we had reached Les Landes and almost flat terrain. As you would expect this route takes in a lot of churches but Bazas sported a particularly magnificent example and , in fact the entire town was worthy of exploration. It was also decision time!

If our guide book was to be believed, there was little in the way of accommodation over the next thirty or so kilometres. Mmmm… the weather is warm but the tent is not a great choice! So, as it is Sunday and the roads are bereft of lorries, we took a chance on the main road which would save time. It did, but at some cost. Memories of Sweden emerged as we bowled along through endless trees in an almost straight line. Efficient but without romance. Despite our best efforts, the chambre d’hote we had targeted had ‘nothing – rien’. Onward! Why do roads always become so bumpy when legs and lungs want nothing more than to abandon all hope?  The only other mention in the great guide book was a hostellerie on the main road which had lots of space and a restaurant so our cheese and bread will live to see another day. 

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  1. Lovely to hear your progress (and to know that you're still in one piece :-)). I'm beginning to have some sympathy with your moans about herman and sherman, the dog's trailer (now affectionately known as jeffs caravan!) is pretty hard work in a cross or head wind!

    Keep it up (cycling and the blog)
    Love -x-