Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sleeping with Nuns

Saturday.  12. 04. 2014
Viana – Santo Domingo de la Calzada via Lognono.   62kms  460m
We made breakfast for 0700! All eaten in silentish mode as folk geared up for the day. By 0830, we were on our way and the first person we should pass, was the kind and helpful gentleman of the previous evening. He thoughtfully waved us through, either not wanting to break our flow or maybe not in the mood for a conversation. He did ask if we found good accommodation and we thumbed up.
Pictures =Churches, Statues or Sculptures
Once again our magic book came up trumps and we located the cycle route through  Lognono, or, at least, very nearly. One small misplacement which was no bad thing ‘cos it took us past a supermarket and we added another ton of weight to the trailers. Sunday tomorrow – Be prepared! We corrected our misplacement by accosting very helpful people who waved arms, spoke very quickly, but nonetheless managed to convey the necessary corrections. Track, for such it was, meant slow pedalling and spinning back wheel but it went through a very fine park area and as it was Saturday we spent some time weaving around excited small children.

It seems the Spanish are reorganising road systems – nothing new there but made for a few tricky decisions in order to avoid doing a Sicilian job on the motorway. You will be delighted to hear that, through no fault of our own this time, we did pass a debatable 1 kilometre on the A 12 motorway! No trouble with plod though and a quick exit led us into Santo Domingo de la Calzada .  A few kilometres short of our expected destination but have found a hostel for tonight run by an order of nuns. Single beds, but otherwise very comfortable with our very own facilities and no expectation of death by sleeping bag!

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