Monday, 7 April 2014

A More ModestAffair

Friday   04. 04. 2014
Sorges – Mussidan  65kms  310 m.
The hotel concierge promised us sunshine! France Meteo had it right! – wet and windy, improving in the afternoon. Having frozen to death yesterday I took the precaution of donning multiple layers with the obvious outcome -too hot! The weather was not entirely to blame as the morning was another continuous series of ups and downs which under normal circumstances (ie. bike sans trailers) would have been a dawdle. Still, it wasn’t raining all the time and the wind was almost positive.
Navigating through Perigueux was something of a challenge but as we had some prior knowledge of the town and had a vague idea of where we were trying to go, it could have been much worse. Following a few red dots on a copied 1:100000 map is not to be recommended! A continuous flow of overtaking cars only increases the panic. However, we emerged on the other side of the town on the correct road and without having a great falling out! Hoorah! (If we thought Euro Velo was badly signposted, the Compostela bicycle route is entirely bereft of any signs). Good job Master Navigator is always on the case! AND the weather did improve – a bit.
Following last evening’s indulgence, tonight is a much more modest affair. Bread and cheese washed down with the inevitable bottle of wine purchased at great expense from Intermarche and a very comfortable, friendly and moderately priced chambre d’hote.  A demain.    

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