Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Pelicans are Coming

Monday:   21. 04. 2014
Portomarin – Pedrouzo         74kms     920 m
Before I commence with this day’s ventures, I must make comment on the San Martin Hotel that was not very easy to find but a gem nonetheless. We were greeted with a very warm and friendly welcome and the hospitality continued throughout an excellent meal and a very substantial breakfast – not without the inevitable toast, but lots of other bits as well. In view of what was to come an altogether superb wake up call.
Pelicans by the Score
It is difficult to describe today without resorting to the type of expletives which would be inappropriate to a pilgrimage! For those of you who bother to read the statistics that I religiously include, it will become clear that the physical effort required today was considerable. To make things even more of a challenge, it has been wet, cold and windy! BUT we are now less than 20 kilometres from journey’s end.

I may just have mentioned the descent to the hotel yesterday, well the ascent required most of my breakfast calories and that was just to regain the route! Said route then made an eeeenormous climb most of which we pushed. Sort of set the scene for the rest of the day. 

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