Thursday, 10 April 2014

It's Not Raceday

Thursday 10. 04. 2014
Roncesvalles – Puento la Reina via Pamplona!   78kms   620m
Munched our way through a hearty breakfast after a much less traumatic night for Mr. Grumpy, who found himself with nothing to grump about …ah, except the absence of a wifi connection. But as nobody else had one, it was obviously a general fault  -  thank goodness!
What - No Bulls
If we thought Pamplona would be an easy ride, we were not that wrong. Having made my purchase of a book of maps for the bike route, we had neither of us realised that a green line running through Pamplona was, in actual fact a cycle path! We did work it out pretty quickly when we reached the outskirts and what a bonus it turned out to be. Seven kilometres of no cars just the odd pedestrian to try and avoid and the odd hound. And, it finished at the correct bridge just several metres!..... below the church. As we scraped together a lunch from our diminishing resources, Al reminded me that this was the town famous for its bull running. Thankfully this was not raceday. Getting onto the town had proved so straight forward that we were lulled into a sense of false security – getting out was altogether different but eye opening.
We diligently followed the shells which some generous soul had incorporated into the road, and passed through the old, the wealthy and the poverty stricken. But, we did emerge on the other side and then momentarily (just for an hour or so) misplaced ourselves. Our cycling brothers came to our aid (eventually) and after a bit of a detour, we were back en route.  After another f……ing climb, it was all downhill to Puento la Reina, a bath and an excellent and well priced meal. (13 euros for 3 courses and all the wine or beer you could drink!!! – Ed.)

Have turned an interesting shade of pink below my shorts and sleeves. Never occurred to me it would be hot and sunny! Dooh! 

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