Friday, 1 June 2012

All Change

Thursday 31.05.2012.   Basle – Waldshut  72.9 kms
Well, no thunder storm transpired and we got off to another good start, in terms of time. The same cannot be said for the ease of navigation. Quite soon, we were dislocated and Mr. Master Navigator was really put through his paces. More by luck than design, we found ourselves following the German bank of the Rhine, but where we have been used to gentle asphalt paths, we now found ourselves presented with a much more diverse challenge. Before lunch, we had negotiated terrain very alien to this trip. We have been up…down, up……down, we have pedalled along tarmac, gravel and cobblestones!(yup back in Germany). We have ridden over bumps, lost our wheels in potholes and had to climb more hills than we have seen in three weeks. Mmm…………….bit of a wake-up call. But we have risen to the challenge although I have to admit the poor old elephant is looking a bit dog-eared. After 70 plus kms, we were a tad weary, and just at that moment there appeared a hostel, a campsite and a restaurant. Wow, who could ask for more. We have opted for a room indoors and as it is now pi……ing down it would seem to have been a good choice; we have eaten and I have just about run out of every last drop of energy writing up this blog. So, I bid you all good night and we await the morrow as ever. 

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