Friday, 1 June 2012

What a Find

29.05.2012        Baumes les Dames – Dannemarie   94.2 kms
We made a good start from our chalet this morning although we did have to stand by our beds for morning inspection to ensure that we had left everything as we found it! As if we wouldn’t! I reclaimed my 50 Euro deposit and we were off. This is just such a beautiful part of the Jura and the kind of ride that anyone could enjoy. The sun shining helps, but there is so much to see with the wildlife on the river/canal and the barges and leisure craft which make use of the facility. For the most part ,the riding has been a breeze, although we have had to climb two hills! Quite significant ones, if not very long. Almost worth all the puff for the views. Otherwise the track has been a gentle climb. However, at some point we must have reached a high point on the canal, for it suddenly ran downhill through a series of about ten locks just one after the other.
We /Alan had noted that there was a paucity of accommodation on this section so we had made a note of one of the few possibilities that seemed to be available. Having failed to rouse them on the phone, we were not holding out much hope of this particular auberge being open. After 92 kilometres of joyous riding, we arrived at Dannemarie, a town purported to have a tourist information centre. Not a chance! Next best thing – accost a local. The lucky one we chose was just leaving the hairdresser (excellent haircut by the way). He knew of said auberge but when he checked with the invisible hairdresser, the consensus was that it was, indeed, closed. Undaunted, our helpful local explained the location of a chambre d’hote. Tired, and with nothing else presenting as an alternative we sought the rooms suggested. What an excellent move! M. Dietmann will remain in our memories for all time and for all the right reasons. We received an enthusiastic welcome into the kind of house you will visit only once in a lifetime. It had been built by his grandfather in the 1800s and really defies description (hopefully the photos will tell a better story than any description I can detail). We had a room, with shower and toilet on the floor below. We unloaded our luggage to the accompaniment of a lot of teeth sucking and a benevolent eye and a non alcoholic beer.
It was a day somewhere near our wedding anniversary (never quite sure when it is) so we indulged in a posh nosh Alcacienne style. No chance after that of blog writing but a great day. Can’t wait for breakfast!

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