Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Around the World

Tuesday 12.06.2012   Feldkeirchen – Greis   85kms
There wasn’t enough sunshine for my new shorts, in fact longs returned. Maybe I’m just a wimp. Superman was wearing his shorts so was Mr. Master Navigator as he solved all the problems of finding our way through Linz. That big river helped again. As we had made such a great start, we were there in time to stop for coffee/cofftea. Our landlady of the morning was either anxious to share our company or avoid her husband and under her watchful eye, we cleared the rooms and packed the trailers in the garden in the sunshine.
Alan’s little book said that the route we must take this morning, was shared with a road and, while it was safe, it wasn’t very pleasant. How true! That I am writing this blog, is proof that it was safe. (I can’t believe I am writing this in the tent in a thunder storm- more of that later!) To return to the road: we were riding into the oncoming traffic, albeit in a cycle lane and then for extra interest, the train line with trains, ran alongside. At Linz we returned to the river –Whew.
This was also another day of nil response from fellow travellers. Maybe it is just a big city thing. Anyway, I persevered with a smile and a hallo (that’s German for hello) and was rewarded just twice out of countless encounters. Not sure why we have this effect –answers on a postcard. I gave up in the end and was, therefore, taken aback by a voice saying ‘Where are you going?’ while we were in the process of changing maps and admiring a very meaningful sculpture. We turned to greet a young man, with a heavily laden bike, who had just recently commenced a round the world ride. The name of said young man is Rupert Gregory and if you read this, Rupert, we wish you well and will think of you periodically over the next two years and we’ll look forward to reading your articles in Cycling World.
Although we were ostensibly riding downstream, what little incline there was, was cancelled out by a gentle nostril wind. The river today was wide and relatively slow moving and many colossal barges chugged in both directions. In some cases with chug and burp engines that sounded unlikely to make their destination, Svelta Dimitri in particular. A few purred – mostly Swiss.
I mentioned in the blog yesterday that we hoped to cross last year’s path. Well, Al suddenly pulled to a halt in front of me (always dangerous) and said, ‘This is it.’ Sure enough, it was the guest house we had used last year. Very bizarre.
The river has very suddenly narrowed into another gorge which we hope to explore tomorrow – if it ever stops raining!

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  1. I feel for you. I understand the noise of the rain, but at least ours is on tin! Or is that noisier? No sooner had we taken the winter duvet back out of storage than the sun appeared and now I can complain that it is too hot!! Hopefully, our weather will be catching up with you soon. Enjoying the blog. Going to find Rupert now! Lots of love D & B xxx