Monday, 18 June 2012

Crash,Bang and a Disconcerting Whallop

Monday  18. 06. 2012  Komaron – Zebegeny   71.6kms
We had an enthusiastic send off from our host. It might just have been that he wanted to make sure that we left, but I don’t think so. (I should mention that Komaron is a Spa town and I suspect we were the only people too tired to take the waters.)

We were in for another hot day and a nostril wind, the latter providing us with at least some cooling properties along with the brakes on bit. We also found our silver brigade – I knew we would. I had just made a foray into TESCO would you believe, and we had drunk our fourth litre of liquid, consumed two ice creams when we saw folk on the cycle track. (Prior to this we were obliged to share the road with an alarming number of trucks, when we had been led to believe that this section of road was truck free!) Anyway, some few minutes later, we came upon a small crowd of cyclists. Thinking that there might be a problem we could help with, we joined their ranks. Three were Australian and the other two were from the UK and following the same E6 route as we were. The only other mad people we have so far come across. We spent a little time swapping stories and experiences and then we made off with renewed vigour. Much of this vigour was due to our not wanting to be overtaken!
We were given to understand that the next section was picturesque and it is true that we had found the river again at last.  It is also true that is was very pretty. We had to take another ferry onto the other side of the river. At this point I took stock of financial resources and deemed it propitious to find a bank and top up. 100 metres into the village a bank emerged which was shut! The ATM however was open. We returned to our signed track and discovered that new paths had been laid and we didn’t have to take to the road. By now, quite/very hot we saw a sign for a hotel which suggested that it welcomed cyclists. After a certain amount of dissension and discussion between husband and wife, we were allocated a room. We were not exactly the subject of the dissension (no smell) but the fact that they were going out and would need to leave the boy in charge. It has been a delightful experience as we dined on the terrace and watched an inspiring sunset. Then suddenly, there was a very loud bang and a part of the railway electricity pylon immediately beside our balcony gave way. At almost the same instant a train appeared around the corner. It was inevitable that something unexpected was going to take place. It did. The train hit the pylon arm, the electrics blew, lots of whizz bangs and flashes and the goods train came to a halt. Such excitement at the end of the day. No person was injured but how long the repairs will take is anybody’s guess. Welcome to Hungary.   

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