Friday, 8 June 2012

Still Shut

Thursday 07.06.2012   Laisacker – Weltenburg  72kms.
What a cracking day for all sorts of reasons which, you lucky people, you are going to hear about. We began our morning with a surprisingly substantial breakfast and were joined by five robust and rumbustious workers of, we think, Polish nationality. Having finished eating, we returned to finish our packing and they left to, presumably, go to work. “Posh car,” commented Alan, peering out of the window. Followed several minutes later by, “It won’t start!” Out puffed the proprietor (he puffed all the time), opened a garage to reveal an enviably ancient tractor, which started first time! Five minutes of jump lead intervention and they were on their way. More remarkable was the bill we paid for a room, breakfast, four beers and two meals – 54 Euros!
Having been unable to make a flask of what we now called cofftea ( differentiating between the two flavours after several hours is quite a challenge) and requiring our mid- morning pastry, we set about locating a backerei. We began to notice a certain tranquillity to the towns and Alan was not entirely convinced when I told him it was Thursday and not Sunday! However, what did become abundantly clear, was that all the shops, cafes, banks and factories were shut!  Resorted to calling a friend for the answer, but to no avail.  (Answers on a postcard please)
Cycle tracks on all the new bridges
We resigned ourselves to lunching on yesterday’s leftovers, after all, we had enjoyed a very nourishing breakfast and water would have to substitute for cofftea. Around lunch time, I suggested we look for a nicely placed table and bench. “ We’ll just go on to the next village, we’ll find a café!” saith Alan with a wide grin. And lo, there was a café; the only enterprise open in the whole of Bavaria! We feasted on pasta and pizza – not together- downed a large non- alcoholic beer and left the table, replete and raring to go.
To round off all the ‘remarkables’ of the day, the first reasonably priced gasthaus provided a room, a meal and breakfast. Tomorrow we take to the river! So looking forward to that exciting experience. 

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