Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mud and Cheap Beer

Sunday 03.06.2012   Nendingen – Sigmaringen 53kms
Woke to less than perfect weather but no complaints as we have been very lucky thus far. Our hosts were waiting for us in the dining room and had laid out a breakfast spread of bread, meats, cheese and the most delicious raspberry jam! We scoffed an entire jar and hope that, as it was home made, they would take it as a compliment. On the road, in the rain by 09.30. The rain was to dog us for most of the day and it had turned the tracks into a kind of gloopy mud. Herman was less than impressed as it sucked at the wheels and tried to drown them. For much of the time, the track ran through the gorge created by the river. It is hard to believe that this titchy little river was responsible for these vast cliffs of limestone. Man had added to the charm by building houses and small forts perched precariously on the edges although the reason for this has eluded me.  The track itself, followed the valley, much of it through forest absolutely teeming with birds, with the occasional glimpse of the water.
By lunch time, we were feeling the effects of yesterday’s climb and as the only campsite mentioned in the little book was not far ahead, we decided to weigh up its charms. The bikes and trailers were, by now, so filthy that we were afraid to show our faces at a pension. Besides a camp site would have a tap and the where with all to make an attempt at cleaning them. Just past about a hundred canoes, we found the entrance and a very jovial welcome from two ladies vying to practice their English, which suited me as my German has progressed not at all. Waiting outside, and holding the bikes, Alan had met a couple who were from Blackwood! Small world! They recommended the beer, but before enjoying the pleasures of the restaurant we must needs erect the tent and clean the bikes. The former was essential and the latter less so in view of the rain which cascaded down during the night! Great meal though and he was quite right about the beer!

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