Monday, 18 June 2012


Sunday  17. 06. 2012  Asvanyraro – Komaron   81kms.
Today was hot before 08.00 so we knew we were in for a determined ride. Made breaking camp an easy task as everything was dry. Excellent start. After an hour or so we rode into Gyor, which on the map looked a relatively uncomplicated town to negotiate. Nobody had told the E6 crowd that the roads had been modified and the signs (if there ever were any) had gone walkabout. Mr. Master Navigator faced his most difficult challenge so far. We crossed a bridge, but it was the wrong bridge; we/ he found the correct bridge. At no junction was there any evidence of an E6 sign and Mr. Master Navigator was entirely reliant on a map in a book which was clearly out of date. The sun provided a clue and after a couple more wrong moves, we finally found the right road – which was horrible;
lumpy, potholey and running through an old tumbledown industrial zone. Always up for a challenge, we plunged on, ignoring the dust and the heat and the ever present thirst.  It has to be said that some days are harder than others and this was up there with some of the most demanding. The river seems to have disappeared completely and the scenery has been less than attractive. Just when we thought we were knacked, our track became a dirt road, which deteriorated into a muddy, puddly and very lumpy obstacle. As we emerged from the trees (that was the plus side – shade) we decided enough was enough and began the search for a bed. Camping was a less than popular option, so when we came upon the campsite offering pension (not pension as in “old age” but pension (fr) as in rooms – ed.)  facilities, there was no competition. The proprietor welcomed us with much smiling and arm waving and general good humour. I am not sure if these smiley people know how much they are appreciated by tired cyclists. It is like a tonic. We have a photo of our host and should you find yourself in Komarom, we would recommend the Hordo Panzio. A fine end to quite a long day.

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