Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Monday 05.06.2012    Sigmaringen -  Ehingham  91 kms
Fortunately, the rain held off while we breakfasted and packed away our wet gear. Actually, the only item that was really wet was the tent and, of course, the bikes. Our little green tent had rebutted all attempts from ingress of the wet stuff and we were totally dry. (“What did we agree about camping?” queried Alan. “I think it went something like – only in fine weather!” I replied, retrieving a wet sock.) We bade farewell to the Blackwood couple, who were off to Bodensee. It is unlikely that they enjoyed the splendid views that we enjoyed, as the weather showed little sign of clearing. So, a little cleaner and rested, we sallied forth again.
Is this the cart that'sgoing to the Black Sea?
The countryside has changed again, and we rode along less muddy tracks, through what can only be described as plains of crops. We wondered at the farmers who may or may not have been happy to have numerous cyclists riding through their estates – maybe the incentive was some kind of reimbursement; we shall probably never know. We could see for miles, which also meant we could see the oncoming storm. Like our souvenir hut of last year, a shelter materialised just at the right moment. We pushed our bikes through the long grass to an old shed housing even older farm equipment and made ourselves comfortable in an old hay truck, where we ate our lunch watching the rain pelting down. Like many storms, it was all over in a short time and by the time our feast was finished, it had stopped and the swallows were busy feeding on the bity things that seem to swarm at these times.
Throughout the day we had been inundated with signs along the path indicating accommodation of one sort or another but……………………………..you know what is coming……………after 75 kms, the campsite had disappeared and nothing else indicated any kind of alternative! The next village offered a closed Gasthaus, the one after that had no rooms. (although why you would call yourself a guest house without rooms is beyond me). Finally in Ehingen, we found a very bike friendly and reasonably priced hotel – very plush and not what we planned but heigh ho, any port in a storm!

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