Sunday, 26 June 2011

2000 kms

Vansbro  -  Filipstad    99.5kms      816’ ascent
We knew that today was going to be a long haul so it was heads down and GO. It seemed likely, in view of the fact that today was Midsummer and therefore, a national holiday, that the road was likely to bear less traffic. So, although we continued to climb (I am beginning to think that I don’t notice the downs) at least there were fewer vehicles rushing by.  We are, I know, slow learners, but today we succeeded in clothing ourselves in waterproof gear BEFORE it rained. Unlike yesterday, it did stop after a few hours and then the wind (yes, you have guessed correctly) up our nostrils, successfully dried us off.  After six quite long days and now past the 2000km mark, we were looking forward to our rest day in a comfortable cabin beside a lake. We are beside a lake! It is quite charming but that charm does not extend to our accommodation which is uncharacteristically very basic – two bunk beds, a table, a ‘fridge and an electric kettle.  Camping gear to the rescue.
On this site, any concessions to the modern age are yet to be implemented. Thus, no internet or a very dubious connection using the local ‘phone network. This missive, therefore, will not reach your computers for at least another twenty four hours. I hope you find it worth the wait. Tomorrow we head off for a short ride to a site which hopefully will provide all the things we required of this one. Just another small blip.


  1. Well done both! It doesn't sound as if the last few days have been too great. No wonder all those in their cars and camper vans looked at you in bewilderment! I never knew that Sweden was so high above sea level!! Perhaps, as you say, the exhaustion of every climb blurs out the memory of any descent. Otherwise you'll be on Everset soon! Lots of love, Wendy x

  2. I meant 'HAVEN'T been too great' and 'Everest.' Better than confusing 'wellies' and 'willies' though! X

  3. Eyup you two !! Got your text message and read today's blog. Congrats on your 2000 klicks. Been less than totally diligent on checking the blogs so missed the 1000 klick marker. Good job both !!! Not good riding conditions in France either. Still 29 degress at 10.30pm, scorching sun and no sign of rain. Please take care with that so an'so traffic. My least favourite part of this cycling business. Luv from, 2 Southern Exiles x

  4. Congratulations on reaching the 2000 kms mark!! Hope the weather is better from now on and take care of yourselves, much love, the Tarrys. xx

  5. Congratulations! Just a few more to go..
    p.s, check your email, I have booked tickets to come and see you in October :) xxx