Thursday, 16 June 2011

Off the Wagon

Storuman  - Vilhelmina    71.4kms  837’ ascent.
Our ride today was without incident although the amount of ascent was quite a challenge. After about 60kms and 500’ of ascent, the trailer takes on the characteristics of a juggernaut! 
Tonight’s hut lacked the luxury of a bathroom and loo but this, at least, ensured that we were free of the odours of the septic tank! It was, as ever, clean, tidy and with a great view of the lake and more trees!
 Food is a major consideration and usually entails a ride into town to the local supermarket. Today was no exception, but this time I found the booze shop! Food slipped down the priority list as I parked my bike, and went in with some temerity as I had no ID and no brown paper bag! Don’t know what all the fuss is about – didn’t need ID or a brown paper bag. It was an alcohol supermarket ( acontrolled monopoly in Sweden). So, tonight we drank wine with our meal (which I did remember to buy ). We have also replaced the bottle of Jamesons. Hoorah! After half a bottle of wine we were quite pissed. Probably be the last for a while. Good things come in small doses I believe.

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