Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Free Cakes

Hedenasea – Kalix (by mistake) 66.5kms  480’ ascent.
At 1.05 a.m. when I absolutely had to get out of my sleepingbag for a wee, the wind had died and the river was flat, oily calm. (Ideal for cycling!) However, by 7a.m. the wind had returned with a vengeance but was no match for our splendid tent which hardly flapped. The flat river was now a mass of white horses and we looked forward to another day of the wind up our f**** nostrils. So smelly, but well rested, we set off again. Our plan, having fought with our headwind, was to take a turning right after a railway line. It was something of a surprise that the turning existed but it was an unmetalled track which, for our bikes heralded punctures and pain. But for every mishap there is a positive outcome. In this instance, in the shape of a café. In my search for cold, soft drinks, I was met by a smiling lady who spoke no English (and why should she) but who ushered me into the café, where a gentleman who spoke excellent English translated my request. Not only had said man heard of Wales, he had been there, and not just anywhere, but to Merthyr Tydfil! At this point, free cake ended up with the drinks and I wondered whether these folk realised what a positive effect they had on our morale.
So here we are in Kalix, in a delightful riverside apartment which we can enjoy without the requirement of black head nets! (See photo)
Another small question for our followers- Why, when there are tens of thousands of cubic metres of space, does the fly accurately pinpoint ones slightly open mouth? 

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  1. You're making great progress. Mozzies right on schedule. Don't forget to lift the net before taking a bite of your sandwich. A really nice part of the journey just ahead -enjoy Tornedalen.
    Best wishes, Neil and Kathryn