Sunday, 26 June 2011

Grumpy But Getting Better

Hamra – Mora   95.6 kms       1463’ ascent
Having re read yesterday’s blog I see that I felt a little disquiet yesterday at the prospect of a further 11kms of climbing. However, it would be at the start of the day on fresh legs. It just goes to show that no matter how positive you are, there are times when nature decides differently. As predicted the first 11 kms climbed high twice before we reached the main road which also continued to climb although slightly (not that you would notice) less steeply. After less than 20 kms, and more than 500’ of climbing, but after two hours of pedalling, a coffee haven appeared and we took a break to scoff coffee and muffins. I have to admit to being less than my usual even tempered self. In fact I was exceedingly bad tempered. It may have had something to do with fatigue but more likely just a case of the grumps (who was,I have to say, very patient with my morose mumblings).  
We did eventually reach Mora and, after much meandering, found a gem of a reward for a hard day in and out of the saddle. Our host was a jovial and charismatic fellow. Our accommodation was new, clean and well equipped AND we had a broad band connection but by then, although slightly less grumpy, I was just too knackered to write a blog. Sorry guys.
Things improved again when our host explained that, although the chef wasn’t starting until tomorrow!, he could rustle us up a meal and a glass of wine. Mood definitely perked up at this point and as we ate, there ensued a long conversation during which we learned a great deal about each other. If you should find yourself in Mora, this is the site to be on. Alan will include the website in one on Alan’s boring bits. So, refreshed, and believing tomorrow could only get better, we bade goodnight to our chef cum receptionist, cum campsite owner, and got our heads down. (Sheets not sleeping bags – more luxury). 
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