Thursday, 16 June 2011

We're on theTelly

Vilhelmina to Hoting    81kms  393’ ascent
What an exciting start to the day we have had. We had ridden barely 5kms when we were overtaken by a car with unintelligible writing on the doors. Nothing unusual about cars overtaking bikes on busy roads. This one though, pulled into the next parking slot and the occupants jumped out. My thought, if I thought at all, was that the boot housed a dog bursting for a pee. However, no canine emerged, just a fairly substantial tripod. This was hastily erected and, as we drew level, the driver halted us with a pretty determined hand in the stop position. Somewhat intrigued, we complied with this peremptory request. Hastily, the driver and his passenger introduced themselves as reporters from the local TV station. In order to make the local weather forecast more palatable, apparently, there exists a 20 second slot in which some obscure incident is televised. We were to be that 20 second obscure incident. In order to facilitate the filming we had to return 50 metres (going back is NOT something we would do for just anybody), ride towards the camera, stop in the layby and pretend no camera or reporter was there. So, dear reader, we might be on Swedish television. Be sure not to miss this appearance!
After this encouraging start, we received many a cheery wave from oncoming campervans which were legion. (I think Holland must be devoid of citizens! ) We found our first open café or maybe the second, where we indulged our craving for food, and scoffed a huge waffle with cream and jam. It is a bonus of all this exercise that we can eat without worrying about surplus fat. Well, I think we can. Time will tell.


  1. Such consummate, professional actors. You brought the characters alive. A truly convincing performance; a cameo. Only 20 seconds, but what seconds they were! I'm proud to be a friend of an amazing pair of thespians.
    Love to both,

    Ann & Judd

  2. Fame at last!!! I posted this link under another entry, but in case you missed it, this is the link to the (very short) news item:

    Be quick, I don't know how long it'll stay current!!!


  3. Great to speak to you. Is it working?!!!! Lots of love - Wendy x

  4. Hooray!!! I've done it. So easy! You're such a genius, Alan. x x

  5. Wow, amazing to see you on the news!! Xx