Saturday, 11 June 2011

A Quiet Day

Boden – Alvsbyn   48.3kms      384’ ascent
Today was to be a short day and so our start was somewhat more casual than usual. It was another scorching debut and we were pouring with sweat after loading and attaching the trailers to the bikes. Our departure was further delayed, but pleasantly so by a conversation with the guys in reception who seemed genuinely interested in our madcap scheme. It left us feeling quite upbeat.
In the past our short days, and even our days of, have ended up being something of an epic, so today was disappointingly normal. We reached Alvsbyn without mishap. We had, however, miscalculated on the effects of the dehydration during the morning and gratefully downed a couple of cans of those very bad for you fizzy drinks. Having regained our wits somewhat, it was clear that we had failed to locate the campsite. Wits at the ready, we studied the town map and turned round (just hate retracing pedalling) and within ten minutes we were ensconced in our room for the night. Not the Ritz but adequate. Mr. Gloomy – although I’m sure his intentions were genuinely friendly – asked us where we were going and how many punctures we had had. “Malta and none so far,” we replied. He looked a little bemused and disappointed and asked us if we would like to use the sauna! We declined. Tomorrow was set to be another scorcher and we had over 90kms to ride!

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