Saturday, 18 June 2011

"The Welsh Have Arrived"

Hoting – Hammerdal   83.2kms   732’ ascent.
Well, our TV appearance has caused some merriment, thanks largely to Kate, who not only managed to locate the site on the internet but also facilitated a link on the blog. Many thanks for that, Kate. Anxious to view our appearance, Alan attempted to access the internet . Our campsite hosts were in the half open, half shut mode and with not the least clue as to modern technology. Al made a sporting attempt at teaching the basics but in the end the midgies, mossies and the frustration of intermittent connection defeated even his resolution. We have, eventually, viewed our ten seconds of glory. Since which time we have found ourselves inundated with requests for interviews but have had to politely decline! Such a fickle thing is fame. Not even so much as a wave of recognition from passing drivers.  
Today’s ride has passed without incident. We had calculated the distance to be some 71 kms and according to the signposts, this was an accurate estimate. However, somewhere along the way, these kms thought to toy with us, and added a further 12kms. Doesn’t sound much, I know, but the drag of those Sherman tanks increases exponentially after about 60!
Our arrival at the site in Hammerdal was heralded with a, “Ah, the Welsh have arrived.” Overwhelmed by such a positive welcome, we smiled broadly at our new best friend. His name, we never knew, but he had lived and worked in Pembrokeshire for some time. His employment had involved work with sheep (needless to say), cattle and horses. This latter interest had resulted in his meeting unofficially with Princess Ann, who he rated very positively.
Our hut for the night had been sited over a full nest of mossies which resolutely barged through the door the minute it was open even just a crack. We spent the first half hour chasing and squashing these ariel bu****s until we had used up the last of our physical energy. And still one escaped and lurked in the bathroom until Alan’s naked bum was too tempting a target. It died shortly after its meal of fresh blood! Let us hope that tomorrow is mossie free.

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