Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Illusions and Mossies

Pello – Hedenasea    87.8 kms  3000’ ascent? (probably a big pressure change – more likely around 500’)
Part 1:  Blue skies, wonderful scenery and a force 5 right up our f**** nostrils! 
Part 2:  Reaching the Arctic Circle and finding a café, not only open, but with a French speaking owner and internet access. Thus we were able to post the blogs of the last few days minus photos. They are still to come, you lucky people.
Part 3: After 80 kms with the f**** wind in our face the longed for sign appeared. Camping and huts just another 2kms. After a thorough search of the next four kilometres no campsite of even the most meagre size had appeared. “It’s near the church.” Alan said knowingly. By the church, a truly magnificent building, was nothing remotely like a campsite. After conferring with a local, the mystery remained but he did point out that there was a shelter some 1kms along a track. There are times when even a shelter has great appeal and this was one of them. So it was to be a wild camp in an idyllic setting. Our skills had lost only a little of their honing and that mostly due to the fact that we no longer bend and stretch with the same level of ease as formerly.  Decent meal having been consumed at Arctic circle, a quick snack and tea plus a small Scotch (only about 1” left)  was all we required before falling asleep to the cries of the corn crakes.  (May well be the wrong spelling).

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